9 in 1 Professional Beauty Facial Machine

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                  Greenlife 9 in 1 Beauty equipment is the best option for Beauty Salon or Spa. This machine construed as trolley set and is movable thanks to wheels. The 9 function beauty  equipment may combine these functions: ultrasonic, high frequency, blackhead remover, vacuum & spray, massage breast care, remove spot, Ozone steamer, brushing and magnifying lamp. Each facial machine has a combination of these functions. It is very convenient as you may choose a machine with functions needed most for your salon.


                  1. Ultrasonic is high-frequency sound vibrations in the range of 100 million to 300 million Hz. Promote blood circulation, speed up the metabolism. Using with beauty cream could be able to enhance penetrate into the skin to treatment reach Beauty of Effect. Ultrasound has an anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, regenerative, relaxing and cavitating effects.

                  2. High Frequency come with anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, the Ozone sterilization, promote wound healing and Convergence function through infrared and high-frequency current role in the skin.  To regulate sebum production, improve skin nature, promote blood circulation and metabolism, crease-resistant, anti-aging have a certain role also. The positive influence of high frequency treatment is impressive as it reduces the size of pores, eliminates the formation of blackheads, controls overage sebum production, relieves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In addition to this, it helps to absorb skin care products more efficiently.

                  3. Blackhead remover vacuum pore cleaner could complete absorption blackhead, acne, pustular, clean dirt in the pores, oil and etc.

                  4. Spray bottle of water can be make-up, anti-inflammatory water or mist emitted from a contraction of water to operate more standardized and more health.

                  5. Rhythm Massage breast care, through the pressure absorption and enhance to achieve massage effect.

                  6. Instant remove spot through high-frequency electric rate solidification make the epidermal necrosis. This equipment can be wiped out in an instant face and various spots on the skin surface, not bloodshed, not flow scar, the effect significantly. The machine also can wash eyebrow, remove smell function.

                  7. The function of steamer is extends for cleaner pores. steam penetrates the pores and softens the fat contamination, removing blackheads and traces of makeup, leaving skin clean and fresh. Steam include rich active irons which can stimulate blood circulation and supply water molecules in order to hydrate skin. Steamer with timer easy to  adjust the working time, depending on the client's skin

                  8. This equipment come with a magnifying lamp. This lamp makes anaesthetic work even more comfortable. It allows precise studying of skin problems of a patient and choosing the best treatment.

                  9. The brush treatment is used for deep penetration of serums into the skin with the help of the electric currents. This procedure shows nice results. It reduces the wrinkles manifestation, smooth skin, lifts smoothing skin, clarifies skin tone. it nourishing skin better, boosts oxygen circulation to the clients’ face and enhance the penetration of skincare products.


                  Frequency: 60Hz


                  Mainframe : 1 set
                  Power cabel: 2 unit
                  Ultrasonic probe: 1 pair
                  Electrode stick: 1 set
                  Electrotherapy tube: 1*large, 1*medium, 1* small
                  Remove spot needle: 1 set
                  Glass tube: 3 units
                  Spray bottle: 1 set
                  Breast care cup: 1 set
                  Plastic tube: 1 unit red, i unit black
                  Brush skin gun: 1 set
                  Brush head: 5 set