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                The Radio frequency machine uses heat to rejuvenate your skin,  retighten the skin of body, the dilated pores and finally to improve the appearance of cellulite by applying electromagnetic high frequency waves. The tissue resistance to this high frequency current produces heat which induces a retraction of connective tissues and stimulation of collagen cells(fibroblast).

                The final result is an improvement of the firmness and tension of skin (lifting effect). At the same time, the specific warming of the subcutaneous fat will ret.

                It not only makes the wrinkles disappear but also reduces fat. The heat generated by the RF waves can reduce the fat layers and may help in improving the face shape. RF machine is the best way to reduce 
                You may also use it on different body parts, such as the arms, legs, thighs, and abdomen.


                3-polar with photom

                6-polar without photom


                Time adjust: 0-60 mins

                Intensity adjust: 0-20 level

                3 polar RF working 

                6 polar RF working


                Hygiene and Cleaning

                Before cleaning, please ensure that the system is disconnected from the mains supply. The main unit can be cleaned by a regular wipe or a slightly cloth.

                To reduce the rishk of crossing contamination, the hand pieces and pads should be cleaned before and after each session. Sterilise he hand pieces and pads using a proprietary sterilising fluid or wipe 

                Note: Please do noy use any cleaning products containing alcohol or solvents as this may damade the system.